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SAW Safety-at-Work Training

SAW traing from HPS

The SAW-training (Safety at work) is aimed at customers who want to ensure that their systems are installed not only according to specifications but also efficiently, reliably and - most importantly - safely.

This practically oriented seminar is designed primarily for engineers and installers and will bring the participants closer to the working mode of our fittings and the correct installation in 5 steps:

We specially developed this training in order to eliminate cost-intensive leakage and/or safety-critical errors.

  1. Technical construction and features of the products and why they are important.
  2. The basic principle of our fittings and how they work.
  3. Tube selection and correct tube preparation.
  4. Typical installation problems, their causes and potential sources of error.
  5. Practical testing and installation of fittings.

Advantages of this training:

  • We conduct these training seminars on your premises (meeting room and workshop/workbench with vice must be provided).
  • This means you will incur no travel expenses.
  • Your employees' absence times will also be shorter than if we train them on our premises.
  • HPS supplies all materials and all necessary tools.
  • If required the training can also take place at the HPS office.
  • All participants will receive a certificate of qualification.