Colder Products Company´s  Smallest Plastic Non-Spill Coupling

NS1 Series couplings compact, closed-system design is packed full of features including non-spill shutoff valves that ensure drip-free disconnects, and eliminate the need to purge air from the system. The smallest plastic non-spill coupling on the market, NS1 is perfect for applications with tubing from 1/8-inch down to microbore. Its rotating design allows tubing to move freely without kinks. Ideal for applications that need to be connected and disconnected often, the ergonomic, user-friendly interface enables a secure, reliable connect and disconnect.

Non-spill designClosed system for drip-free disconnect
Ultra low air inclusion

Minimizes contaminants, eliminates the need to purge air bubbles from the system

Intuitive interfaceUser friendly ergonomic design enables a secure, reliable connection
Rotating designAllows tubing to move freely or relax without kinking or leaking
Chemically resistant materialsReliable strength and performance in a range of applications

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