Fitok Vacuum flexible hoses and couplings!

Vacuum flexible hoses and couplings!


FITOK flexible hose and couplings are typically used to correct misalignment between static connections or provide vibration isolation.


  • CF-flanged hose have one rotatable and one non-rotatable end for ease of alignment.
  • The minimum static bend radius is measured from the hose center line while the hose is under vacuum.
  • Material:

    • Bellows: 321 stainless steel
    • Braid: 304 stainless steel (single braid)
    • Tube extensions: 304 stainless steel
    • Flanges: 304 stainless steel

  • Vacuum range:
    • Hose: 10 Torr
    • Coupling
    • Copper seal: 10 Torr
    • Elastomeric seal: 10 Torr
  • OperationalTemperature Range:
    • Copper seal: -200 to 500°C
    • Elastomeric seal: -20 to 150°C