FITOK Fusible Fittings


Fusible fittings contain an eutectic alloy plug, and the eutectic alloy plug has a specific melting point. When the fitting is exposed to temperatures at or above this melting point of fusible metals, the eutectic alloy plug will melt and the pressure inside the fitting will be released to atmosphere for protection of systems.


  • Eutectic alloy is filled in the stainless plug
  • Fusible fittings function by the yielding or melting of the fuse alloy
  • Fusible fittings are thermally operated but not reusable pressure relief devices
  • Fusible fittings do not protect against overpressure from improper charging practice
  • Temperature rating from 160 F (71 C) to 281 F (138 C) with 4 temperature ranges
  • Two types of fusible fittings: Pipe plug and tube adapters with 316 stainless steel body.