We are delivering Fitok gauges in different sizes and types.

GA-Series - All Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge

GA series pressure gauge with crimped ring case is disigned to perform in rugged applications and harsh environmental conditions. These gauges offer a significant cushioning and dampening effect. The filling liquid can lubricate the internals and provide a longer gauge life, and the hermetically sealed construction reduces the chance of leaks.

GB-Series - Solid-Front Stainless Steel Safety Gauge

GB series pressure gauge with laminated safety glass is applied to the strong corrosion occasion. It should be used to measure the pressure of the corrosion, non-viscidity and non-cristal gas and liquid, and could be in the.

GC-Series - Stainless Steel Miniature Gaugel

GC series pressure gauge with miniature size allows placement in compact spaces.