Needle & Shutoff Valves

Series: NB, NBH, NF, NFH, NU & NUH

The unique feature of these valves is found inside: the spindle seal, which is established by means of a packing gland, is located below the spindle thread to ensure that no lubricants and particles from the thread are flushed into the system. The valves contain a mechanically decoupled spindle tip that does not rotate with the unit. The rotary motion is converted into a stroke motion, which reduces the risk of seat damage caused by abrasion. An assortment of seat and packing materials and a number of different thread tips allow you to choose just the right components for the application at hand.

The NF and NFH series of needle valves from FITOK are manufactured from forged bodies for compact construction and are available in 316 stainless steel or brass. The maximum working pressure is 414 bar (NF series) or 689 bar (NFH series) for stainless steel valves and 207 bar for brass valves. A high-temperature model for up to 649°C is also available.

FITOK's NB and NBH needle valves have the same spindle construction design as the valves of the NF and NFH series. The only difference is the valve body, which is milled from a single piece of solid material.

Valves of the NU series are suitable for applications with a working pressure up to max. 414 bar (6000 PSI) and are applicable for temperatures ranging from -54°C to 649°C (65°F to 1200°F). The valves are available with forged body or cold drawn bar body construction.

Series: ND, NG, NGH, NR, NRG, NT, NY & NYH

Valves of the ND series are featured with a nonrotating stem. The handles are designed to prevent the stem from contaminations. This series is applicable for working pressures up to 206 bar (3000 PSI).

Valves of the NG and NGH series consist of a one-piece forged body and are suitable for applications with a working pressure up to 207 bar (NG series) or 344bar (NGH series) as well as for working temperatures ranging from -54°C to 315°C (-65°F to 600°F). 

The valves of the NR and NRG series consist of a body construction of cold drawn bar and are suitable for applications with a working pressure up to 414 bar (6000 PSI) as well as for working temperatures ranging from -54°C to 204°C (-65°F to 400°F).

The compact designed valves of the NT series are available in straight and angle pattern and are suitable for applications with a working pressure up to 20.6 bar (300 PSI).

Outside Screw and Yoke Globe Pattern Needle Valves (NY- & NYH series) Features:

  • Maximum working pressure: 414 bar (NY series) or 689 bar (NYH series)
  • Standard seat diameter 4mm (0.16"). Cv: 0.35 standard
  • Hardened stem threads prevent galling
  • Stem threads completely isolated from system media
  • The nonrotating stem provides repetitive shutoff
  • Back seat construction provides secondary stem sealing and prevents stem blowout
  • Externally adjustable gland, independent of spindle thread
  • Self centering non rotating spindle tip for bubble tight shut off
  • Steady and durable fastening of the handle by double lock-pins
  • Base mount option
  • Leak-tight performance testing for every valve with nitrogen at 6000 psig
SeriesWorking pressure
NB-Series414 Bar
NBH-Series689 Bar
NF-Series414 Bar
NFH-Series689 Bar
NU & NUH Series414 Bar
ND-Series206 Bar
NG-Series207 Bar
NGH-Series344 Bar
NR- & NRG-Series414 Bar
NT-Series20.7 Bar
NY-Series414 Bar
NYH-Series689 Bar