Ball & Plug Valves

BF & BHF Serie

Ball valves Fitok


  • 10000 psig (689 bar)
  • 0 to 450 (-18 to 232 )
  • Fixed ball with double sealing
  • Automatic compensation of seat sealing
  • Low operating torque
  • Blowout proof stem
  • Handle as indicator of flow direction
  • Positive handle stop
  • Options for handle color
  • Pneumatic or electric actuator available
  • Panel mountable

BG & BH Series

Ball valves Fitok

The BG and BH series feature a three-piece enclosure designed for working pressures of up to 69 and 207 bar, respectively. A range of packing and sealing materials is available with several models for high-temperature applications rounding out the line. The BG series is generally available with internal threads, weld-on ends and flanged connections while the BH ball valves have either internal threads, weld-on ends or adapters for double ferrule ring fittings. The BH series comes standard with an ISO/NAMUR assembly plate for mounting swivel drives. The BG Series is now with vents at both ends available .


Ball valves Fitok

The ball valves of the BM series are equipped with metallic seats and are therefore suitable for appliances with high temperatures (up to 816°C). Available with threaded connections, welded or flanged ends. Pressure rate according to ANSI Class 150 to 2500.


Ball valves of the BR series are suitable for max. working pressure up to 1000PSI (69bar) and are applicable at temperatures rating from -50°F to 450°F (-46°C to 232°C). The free floating ball design provides seat wear compensation. The stem affects self-sealing at high pressure. Furthermore, valves of this series ensure low operating torque and are available with any reasonable connections.

BP Serie

Ball valves Fitok

The high-pressure valves of the BP series are available in 2- and 3-way design. They are suitable for applications with max. working pressure up to 10000PSI (689bar). The handles are available in different colours. They are also available with electric or pneumatic actuation. Bi-directional flow for 2-way valves. Variety of end connections available.


Ball valves Fitok

FITOK`s BV series of two- or three-way ball valves consist of a stainless steel forged body and a floating ball fixed between the two half shells of packing. This design feature reduces wear and tear to some degree. Optional packing and sealing materials for maximum working pressures of up to 414 bar are available. BV ball valves are available in 316 stainless steel or brass. All standard panel nuts come preassembled.

BO Serie

Ball valves Fitok

The BO series includes manual or pneumatic ball valves that are suitable for applications with max. working pressure up to 207 bar as well as for working temperature ranges from -54°C up to +148°C. Ball valves of this series are available in 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-way models. The standard body material is stainless steel and brass, further alloys like monel and hastelloy are available on request. Due to the one piece body and one piece ball stem multiple seal points are eliminated. The top entry design allows in-line inspection and repair. This simplifies maintenance.

PV Series

Plug valves Fitok

Plug valves from the PV series are made of stainless steel or brass and are available with all standard connection types. One special design feature of this valve series is the pin-guided sealing mechanism, which uses o-rings made of Viton and PTFE retaining rings. The typical application areas for these shutoff valves include analysis, metering and control systems. Maximum working pressures of up to 207bar.