Face-Seal Fittings

ASFLOW is one of the leading manufacturers of ultra high purity fittings and tubing for the semiconductor, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries. To meet the high demands of industry, Asflow uses only 316 or 316L VIM/VAR stainless steel. Cutting-edge fittings and tubing eliminate the need for material outgassing and purification while improving corrosion resistance when using exotic gases and chemicals. All fittings and tubing are available in imperial and metric sizes and with an electropolished surface finish of Ra. 0,13µm (5µin) or Ra. 0,25 µm (10 µin).

VCR Fittings Fitok

FITOK face-seal fittings are suitable for the use in high-purity, screwed or welded systems. The metal-to-metal seal provides perfect leak- tight service. In order to meet industrial needs, 316, 316 L and 316L VAR stainless steel materials are available.

High-Purity Nickel and Hastelloy C-22 glands for extremely corrosive applications. Non-Rotational Female Nut to prevent transmission of torque during make-up and therefore minimize twist of component which causes stress concentration.