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Sampling Systems for Gases and Liquids

Sampling system, also known as sampler, is a kind of equipment used for representative sample collection from industrial processes.

Due to the growing complexity of the industrial processes, the requirements for product analysis increase continuously, and the safety for sampling process is given more and more consideration. The simple and primitive sampling system has evolved into a safe and reliable closed-loop sampling system.

FITOK offers two kinds of sampling systems, namely bottle configuration sampling systems and cylinder configuration sampling systems according to the difference of container.

  • For bottle configuration sampling systems, the sample is drawn into the sample bottle at atmospheric pressure.
  • For cylinder configuration sampling systems, however, the sample is drawn into the sample cylinder at process pressure.
Sampling Systems for Gases and Liquids

Sample Cylinders

Sample Cylinders Fitok

The use of FITOK sample cylinders and systems is to safely extract and store samples for subsequent analysis. Some common applications for sample cylinders are found in chromatography and lab analysis. Other applications may include hydrocarbon sampling in refineries, gas treatment for gas chromatographs, condensate sampling in gas/oil/coal-fired and nuclear power stations, process analysis in the chemical and petrochemical sector and CO² analysis in the beverage industry.

The standard pressure rates for gases and fluids are set to 124 bar at 20°C (higher pressures available on request). Types of connections on offer include BSPT / BSPP and NPT internal threads. All cylinders are available in aluminium, SS316 or SS304 with material coding. Optional Teflon coating may also be ordered.

Condensate Pots and Vessels

Condensate Pots and Vessels Fitok

FITOK Kondensatbehälter sind dafür gedacht Kondensate oder Fremdstoffe aus Prozessleitungen aufzufangen, um eine Beschädigung sensibler Instrumente zu verhindern. Alle Schweißnähte sind unter Schutzgasatmosphäre geschweißt, um eine bessere Korrosionsbeständigkeit zu gewährleisten. Die Anschlüsse sind mit Kappen oder Stopfen erhältlich. Die Druckbehälter sind bei Drücken bis zu Kl. 2500 sowie einer Arbeitstemperatur von bis zu 594°C (1100°F) einsetzbar.